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A call center shouldn't be forced to choose between fluidity and security... and neither should customers!

With Whispeak voice biometrics, you can reduce the authentication process to just a few seconds of speech using callers' unique voices.

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Authentication is long, unpleasant and tedious for customers.

With Whispeak voice biometrics, you can :

Reduce authentication time

With Whispeak voice biometrics, authentication time can be reduced to seconds. Authenticate faster to process the call faster.

Offer a better experience to your customers

Using Whispeak is simple and natural. You no longer need to go through a time-consuming set of questions that are not well received by customers. All your contact has to do is speak to be authenticated!

Increase the security of your services

With voice biometrics, you will prevent the fraudulent use of your customers' data, which can be found online.

Authenticate your customers in seconds on inbound/outbound calls

The authentication of the identity by the agents can sometimes take almost a minute. After answering several secret questions, the agent confirms the identity and finally begins to address the reason behind the call.

With voice biometrics, your customers will only need to speak for a few seconds to be reliably recognized! This will allow it to be included in the first few seconds of the call with the agent or to be automated before the agent takes over.

The tedious identification of your callers will be a thing of the past.

Having to declare your elementary school address, recall your birth date, place of birth or current address in order to prove the identity we claim to have will belong to the past.

Improve the identification process for your agents.

You may also need to authenticate your agents. Voice biometrics allows you to integrate the verification process naturally through their voice, allowing you to verify the connection with the caller in complete security.

Simple integration

Whispeak is available through the API in SaaS mode. 

OnPremise deployment is also possible.

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