Mobile and embedded terminals

Smartphones, connected speakers and voice assistants are now part of our daily life. We talk to them more and more often.

They are able to understand what is said to them, but rarely who is talking to them...

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Better flexibility, security and productivity for your collaborators.

With Whispeak voice biometrics, you can:

Secure your devices

With the Whispeak voice authentication solution, embedded devices benefit from an additional layer of security and simplified authentication.

Increase your productivity

With voice, ensure the right agent uses the right device, manage your fleet, and automate repetitive processes with identity verification.

Deploy biometrics in embedded systems

Whispeak voice biometrics can be integrated into the heart of your equipment and devices, whether they are connected or not.

For an easier authentication

You can integrate Whispeak voice biometrics into all your devices, whether they are connected or not.

Your employees can benefit from the fluidity of voice, so they can pass an SAS security check with their hands free, without breaking the charge.

Whispeak integrates with your fleet of mobile devices to ensure better traceability of their users while securing business applications. The authentication experience is reliable, fast and secure, all while being hands-free!

Une traçabilité améliorée en logistique

Traceability and proof of delivery are a major issue in logistics.

It is necessary to ensure that the right recipient takes delivery in order to avoid disputes. In this context, a reliable and easy to collect proof of delivery is necessary.

Secure and protected voice commands

With the integration of voice assistants in home automation solutions, the question of reliability and security is central. The application of Whispeak technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to secure these commands.

By integrating Whispeak voice biometrics, your home automation system will be protected against fraud and data theft, even when it is accessible from all your devices.

Deployment according to usage

Deploy Whispeak speaker recognition in SaaS mode if the use case allows for an internet connection.
Don’t have Internet access? Whispeak technology can also be deployed in embedded mode.
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Transaction validation

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