Your learners' voices are unique, give them the opportunity to use them to :

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Make your e-learning platform more convenient, simple and secure.

Make your e-learning platform more
  • simple
  • secure
  • convenient

With Whispeak voice biometrics, you can:

Simplify your administrative management

Adopt voice biometrics and say goodbye to registration forms signed and sent to the various training centers.

Adopt new enrollment methods

Simplicity and reliability are the name of the game. With Whispeak, you can check the attendance of your learners using their voiceprint.

Elevate the security of your platform

With voice biometrics, you will prevent the fraudulent use of your customers' data, which can be found online.

Adopt a continuous sign-in method

Once Whispeak is integrated into your platform, check your learners’ attendance at any time during their training with their voiceprint. Tracking attendance has finally become simple, reliable and fast.

Decide yourself when the learner should authenticate by voice (e.g. at the end of each module or every 15 minutes).

Choose a sentence for them to read aloud (e.g., an important element of the course).

Track attendance indicators directly on your platform.

Be alerted to any suspected fraud or identity theft.

Simplify your administrative management

Even for distance learning, many organizations still use an attendance sheet signed by the learner and sent to the training center, which then forwards it to the funder. Whispeak offers a new model for proof of attendance.

Each authentication is recorded in a tracking table.

Print a certificate attesting to the learner's attendance throughout the course.

Let the learner sign by voice

Secure access to your learning platform and remote exams

Replace passwords with voice or add voice authentication as a 2nd authentication factor to access your platform.

No more lost passwords, costly password resets, or identity theft.

Secure your exams by ensuring the identity of the candidate, thanks to his voice.

Contact us to integrate the Whispeak plugin on Moodle or Chamilo


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