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Voice biometrics enables natural, simple and fast authentication of a person. Whether on the phone or in a login process, the person can be identified thanks to a voice signature encrypted and signed by Whispeak.

Moreover, voice biometrics is easy to deploy because of the presence of microphones in all devices, which allows for greater fluidity in e-learning, transaction validation, authentication in call centers or in logistics.

We offer a high level of security to our customers to provide maximum protection against fraud and identity theft.

The Whispeak API is based on the latest technology and evolves to incorporate the latest security standards. Your voice signature is encrypted (end-to-end) and signed by powerful systems to prevent fraudulent use of the data.

Thanks to an advanced neural system and the integration of the latest R&D developments, our solution offers excellent reliability.  Our systems are continuously tested, making them easily adaptable to any use case.

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Our system analyzes all sounds emanating from an audio file and has an anti-spoofing system, so it will detect a difference between a live voice and a recording.

Even if our solution works in noise, it is advisable to perform the signature recording and authentications in a quiet environment in order to be recognized more easily by the system.

No. Any microphone built into a computer, smartphone or headset can be used to record your voice. However, it is recommended to use the same device for voice signature creation and authentication.

Our technology is based on voice signature comparison.
It can be used in any language, including your own.

Thanks to our intelligent interface, Whispeak offers many additional features, such as increasing the sensitivity of the voice biometric solution and its security level.

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Yes, the CNIL is now considering more authentication modes, favoring those that leave the control of biometric data to the speaker. Your voice signature will never be used without your consent.

This guarantees respect for the personal data and privacy of each user.

Our solution also complies with the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the processing of personal data in the European Union.

Yes. The system analyzes dozens of parameters in the human voice, but only a few are affected by a cold.

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