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Whispeak is a speaker recognition engine connected by API to a secure database.

Whispeak uses voice signature to recognize and authenticate a person among a set of registered users.

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as simple as Bonjour Hello سلام Hola Hallo

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Whispeak works on any device equipped with a microphone


Whispeak is a Cloud solution that can be integrated on all platforms or device


Whispeak allows you to authenticate  your users biometrically within a few seconds


Whispeak is GDPR compliant and respects the privacy of your users

technology Multi-use

Voice authentication technology makes it possible to secure access to training platforms, to carry out real tracking of the follow-up of each module, and to authenticate learners during assessments.

Whispeak is integrated into your fleet of mobile terminals to ensure better traceability of their users while securing business applications.

By integrating the Whispeak voice server solution, employees can quickly authenticate with their voice in order to securely access the various terminals, thereby ensuring greater identity compliance.

Switch to fast, simple, Monodevice but multi-factor customer authentication including voice biometrics. Make transaction validation fast, user friendly and even more secure

Confidently authenticate your calling customers from their first seconds of speech, thanks to what qualifies them as a person: their voice.

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